OneTouch Delica Fine Lancets 100 ct

US $9.00

OneTouch Delica Fine 100 Lancets
OneTouch Delica Fine Lancets 100 ct US $9.00

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About OneTouch Delica Fine Lancets

OneTouch Delica Fine Lancets and lancing devices are virtually pain free and helps for less painful blood testing. It is used with OneTouch Delica Plus and OneTouch Delica lancets. Reduced lancet vibration for smooth and precise testing. The OneTouch Delica Plus lancing Device has 13 depth settings that provides better control. Extra Fine (33G) and Fine (30G) lancets with silicone-coating helps smooth gliding into skin. The lancet thickness is measured in millimetres (mm) or Gauge (G). The lower the value in G means larger it will be in mm, the lancet will have thicker puncture performed. 30G is 0.3mm and 30G is 0.21mm in size. Do not reuse the lancet for minimum pain and maintaining good hygiene. Always handle with care and dry and clean hands. Store the lancing device in a clean and dry place. There is no other specific storage instructions.

OneTouch Delica Fine Lancets

Precautions while using OneTouch Delica Fine Lancets

  • Always use new and sterile lancet each time you test.
  • Properly clean the injection site before sampling.
  • Do not share a lancet or lancing device with anyone.
  • Lancet should be used for single patient use only.
  • Keep in mind that lancets are for single use only. Do Not Reuse them.
  • Always keep the lancing device clean.

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