Freestyle Precision Neo Test Strips 100

US $87.00

freestyle precision neo test strips
Freestyle Precision Neo Test Strips 100 US $87.00

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What are FreeStyle Precision Neo Test Strips?

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FreeStyle Precision Neo test strips (Glucometer strips) are blood glucose test strips used with the FreeStyle Precision Neo Meter to monitor your blood sugar level. These over-the-counter test strips offer accurate blood glucose monitoring to help you manage your insulin routine.

These individually wrapped Neo Test Strips require a small blood sample size for easy testing. In addition, there is no coding needed, which means there is one less step to getting accurate and reliable blood glucose test results.

These strips come individually foil-wrapped in a 100 units pack.

freestyle test strips

How to use these Glucometer Neo Test Strips?

Glucometer Neo test strips are used for blood glucose testing. The blood samples are obtained from your fingertip, hand, upper arm, forearm, thigh, or calf.

It would help if you kept in mind that there are slight differences in blood circulation between your fingertip and the other test sites. Therefore, different test sites may give you somewhat different blood glucose readings. If you rub your skin around your chosen test site, it will help to minimize differences in test readings from areas other than your fingertips. Changes in blood glucose levels are typically observed in fingertip blood samples sooner than in samples obtained from different test sites. Differences in blood glucose measurements may be more pronounced after eating, using insulin medication, or exercising.

Using these Neo Test Strips is easy. First, grip one foil-wrapped strip from the pack, then rip open the foil test strip packet at the notch and tear it down to remove the test strip. Then slip the Neo Test Strips into the meter, and an icon will blink for you to perform your blood glucose test.

Manufacturer: Abbott Diabetes Care

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