Bayer Contour Next USB Meter – Blood Glucose Monitoring System

US $42.00

Contour Next Blood Glucose Monitoring System
Bayer Contour Next USB Meter - Blood Glucose Monitoring System US $42.00

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Bayer Contour Next USB Meter Info

The Contour Next USB Meter from Bayer is a blood glucose monitoring system that allows you to manage your blood glucose levels from home to treat your diabetes. You can connect your meter directly to your computer to instantly access your electronic logbook with test results and trends with the built-in Glucofacts Delux software. In addition, the system allows you to easily log sugar intake and manage your insulin or medication treatment. No coding is required with the Second-Chance Sampling technology. If you have not applied enough, you can apply another blood sample to the same strip. This feature prevents you from having to re-lance to get another blood sample and saves you from wasting another test strip. Your Contour Next USB Meter also comes with MultiPulse technology which measures a single sample seven times for even more accurate results.

  • How to use this Contour Next USB meter from Bayer?
  • Before using your Contour Next USB meter, read your User Guide.
  • Before your first blood sugar test, you must set up your Contour Next USB meter. To begin, press and hold the Menu button until the meter turns on so you can set your preferences and set up your meter.
  • Make sure you have everything you need before blood testing, including your Contour Next USB meter, Contour Next test strips, Microlet 2 lancing device, and Mirclet 2 lancets.

Contour Next USB meter

contour next usb meter

How to use Contour Next USB Meter from Bayer?

First, remove the endcap from your Microlet 2 lancing device, get a new Microlet lancet, insert it firmly into your Microlet 2 lancing device, and replace the gray endcap. Then you can adjust the endcap dial to your preferred puncture depth setting.

Next, remove a Contour Next test strip from the bottle, tightly closing the lid. Insert the gray square end into the test strip port on the meter until the meter beeps, which will turn the meter on, and you will see the Apply Blood screen.

Select a puncture sight on the side of your finger that is not too close to your fingernail. Press the endcap firmly against the puncture site and press the blue release button with your thumb. The lancet will release and puncture your skin. Stroke your finger with your hand toward the puncture site until a tiny blood drop appears. Immediately touch the tip of the test strip to the blood drop until the meter beeps. Then you can select Fasting, Before Meal, After Meal, or No Mark on your Contour Next USB Meter, and your results appear in five seconds.

General Information

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Remember that regular physical exercise is crucial to treating diabetes or managing prediabetes, along with your diet planning, weight management, and medications. Because your cells become more responsive to insulin while you are active, your blood glucose, also known as blood sugar, can be lowered more successfully. Take your medications regularly and follow up with your healthcare specialist.