Bayer Contour Test Strips – 100 ct Diabetic Blood Glucose Testing

US $48.00US $83.00

Bayer Contour Test Strips
Bayer Contour Test Strips - 100 ct Diabetic Blood Glucose Testing US $48.00US $83.00

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Bayer Contour Test Strips

(Contour Next EZ Strips)

Bayer Contour Test Strips are high-performance test strips. These test strips are compatible with all Contour Next branded blood glucose meters and use multi-pulse technology that evaluates blood samples with exceptional accuracy. At the same time, Sip-In sampling helps to get the right amount of blood to the meter.

Contour Next EZ Meter

The Contour Next EZ meter is a self-testing blood glucose monitoring system. The meter keeps track of blood glucose levels and helps manage and treat diabetes. The meter is available over the counter (OTC). With its advanced modern technology, blood glucose testing becomes more effortless. Here are some new features which come with this blood monitoring system are:

  • This device allows you to collect blood for the second time if you did not initially put enough, which helps prevent re-lancing and wasting Bayer Contour Test Strips.
  • Its Multiple Accuracy Technology evaluates your blood sample multiple times for accurate results.
  • The no-coding technology helps to get rid of errors because of user miscoding.
  • The sip-in-sampling mechanism sips in the sample through the tip of the strip quickly to get the right amount of blood.
  • It is ready to use glucose monitoring system which does not need any initial setup, insert the Bayer Contour Test Strips, and it’s ready to check glucose levels in your blood.
  • It can also help to identify the problems with individualized HI/LO targeted range and summarize test results with 7, 14, and 30 days averages of your blood glucose level.
  • The Bayer Contour Test Strips only need a tiny amount of blood, .6 µL, to provide accurate results.
  • Touch the Bayer Contour Test Strips immediately to sip the blood drop at the puncture site of the finger.
  • It will start a countdown, and in 5 seconds, it will display the results and automatically save it in the device’s memory.

Bayer Contour Test Strips

Bayer Contour Test Strips 2

Technical Specifications

Test stripBayer Counter Test Strips
AccuracyAcceptance criterion is that 95% of the measured glucose values shall fall within either ± 15 mg/dL of the average measured values of the reference measurement procedure at glucose concentrations.

< 75 mg/dL or within ± 20% at glucose concentrations ≥ 75 mg/dL.

Results5 seconds
Blood sample size0.6 μl
Test averages7, 14, 30 days

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