Microlet Lancets – 100 ct Diabetic Blood Glucose

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Microlet Lancets
Microlet Lancets - 100 ct Diabetic Blood Glucose US $8.00US $14.00
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About Bayer Contour Microlet Lancet

The Bayer Contour Microlet lancets are used with Microlet lancing devices. They assist in drawing blood for glucose testing. A lancet is a steel needle to puncture the skin with a plastic case. The needle will make an incision, and the hole size is calibrated as gauges. Higher the gauge number, the smaller the incision. Select the appropriate gauge in the lancing device. A higher gauge is less painful. A lancing device will push the incision needle quickly into the skin and retract rapidly. Users can also change the depth of needle penetration into the skin. Always handle with care and dry and clean hands. Store the lancing device in a clean and dry place. There are no other specific storage instructions.

The lancing device has a locking endcap that prevents accidental lancing. The lancing device has five visible depth settings. In addition, the Bayer Contour Microlet Lancets has a silicon coating for a smooth-gliding mechanism for gentler testing. Bayer Contour Microlet Lancets are available in seven vibrant colors to allow color-coded testing and provide a visual reminder to select the next lancet.

Precautions using Bayer Contour Microlet Lancets

  • If blood is not adequate while using a lancing device – wash hands with warm water and shake hands vigorously.
  • Once punctured, gently press on the skin to draw enough blood “milk” into the testing strip.
  • Always use a new and sterile lancet each time you test.
  • Properly clean the injection site before sampling.
  • Do not share the Bayer Contour Microlet lancet or lancing device with anyone.
  • Use the lancet for single-patient use only.
  • Keep in mind that Bayer Contour Microlet lancets are for single use only. Do Not Reuse them.
  • Always keep the lancing device clean.

Bayer Contour Microlet

Bayer Contour Microlet lancets

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