Accu-Chek FastClix Lancets 102 ct

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accu-chek fastclix lancets
Accu-Chek FastClix Lancets 102 ct US $13.00US $24.00
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About Accu-Chek FastClix lancing device?

(See detailed Medicine Prescription Information here)

The Accu‑Chek FastClix Lancets

– collects blood from capillary blood, mainly from the fingertips.

– you can choose 11 different penetration depths.

– you must prime the lancing device before collecting blood.

– 6 lancets are inserted in the lancet drum.

– Penetration range is 0.7 to 2.2 mm (11 customizable settings)

– Lancets are beveled, 30-gauge

– is intended for personal use only and unsuitable for professional use in healthcare facilities and institutions.

– must keep the lancing device away from children.

– the lancing devices should not be used with other kits.

FastClix Lancets

Using Accu‑Chek FastClix Lancets

– With clean and dry hands, get the lancing device.

– Insert a lancet drum:

– Remove the cap from the lancing device.

– Insert a new lancet drum – white end first.

– Ensure that the lancet drum is entirely inside the FastClix Lancets.

– Ensure the projecting end protrudes out.

– Place the cap back on again, aligning the cap notch with the notch on the FastClix Lancets.

– Setup the Penetration Depth:

– Rotate the comfort dial and read for the desired penetration depth in the indicator.

Note: Keep the cap attached to the lancing device, or the lancet may penetrate too deeply and cause discomfort.

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