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FAQ: Your Perfect Guide before Ordering Insulin and Diabetes Meds

Insulin and Diabetes Meds FAQs

Welcome to our section on frequently asked questions (FAQs) and your perfect guide before ordering insulin and diabetes medications. To aid you in understanding how Canadian pharmacies supply these medications and related subjects, we have collected a list of frequently asked questions and offered thorough responses. Contact our customer care team at any time if you have any more queries or worries for individualised help. If you have any questions about our shipping rules, return policies, product details, or anything else, you can probably find the answers you need right here.

faq - Insulin and Diabetes

Type of diabetes, blood sugar goals, lifestyle, and other health factors determine insulin type. Your doctor will advise you on medication or  insulin dosage, timing, and administration. Keep in mind that the information presented here is just meant to be a basic guide and should not be used in place of consulting a physician. Always seek personalised advice and recommendations from your healthcare professional regarding the administration of insulin and the management of your insulin and diabetes. Medicines supplied by Canadian pharmacies are ensured 3 months shelf life from delivery date. Know more about Insulin and Diabetes Meds below.

Yes, individuals from the United States can purchase insulin from Individuals can also order insulin for their pets by providing the necessary information during registration or contacting customer service for assistance.

All insulin products are shipped from Canada through licensed affiliated Canadian pharmacies.

Yes, all affiliated pharmacies are licensed Canadian pharmacies.

Insulin orders are shipped in insulated containers with gel packs specifically designed to keep the insulin from spoiling.

Orders are generally shipped within 48 hours of being processed, but it may take up to four business days to verify prescriptions and prepare the medication.

All prices are listed in US dollars (USD).

Shipping charges are a flat rate of $35 USD.

The Canadian government regulates the prices of all medications to ensure affordability for Canadians. provides access to these lower prices for Americans. only works with licensed Canadian pharmacies and requires a valid prescription before processing any orders for prescription medication.

Ordering insulin and diabetic medication for personal use is generally permitted if the medication does not represent an unreasonable risk, and the quantity is generally not more than a three-month supply.

Customers only need to agree to the customer agreement once during registration, and a new prescription is required once the current one expires or is used up.

Customers can order as frequently as needed, but it is recommended to order a three-month supply at a time to reduce the number of orders needed per year.

Customers can contact customer service for assistance.


Extreme caution is required when traveling. For a safe and enjoyable journey, it is critical to possess adequate insulin and diabetes medication, be knowledgeable of local regulations, and transport the required documentation, regardless of whether one is managing hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia. Taking into account various factors such as time zone adjustments, dietary modifications, and adequate hydration significantly improves the overall travel experience for individuals who have diabetes.

Insulin and diabetes medication is essential for maintaining balanced blood sugar levels, providing energy for bodily functions, and preventing complications from high or low blood sugar.

In brief, the successful control of insulin and diabetes necessitates an individualized strategy that incorporates adjustments to one’s lifestyle, additional pharmaceutical interventions, and insulin. By adopting a proactive approach to planning, maintaining open lines of communication with healthcare providers, and dedicating oneself to a healthy lifestyle, individuals diagnosed with diabetes have the potential to experience a sense of fulfillment in their lives while efficiently managing their condition.

Please consult the FAQ section before contacting us. Insulin and diabetes medications, which are prescription drugs, must be handled, stored and shipped properly due to their temperature sensitivity and health risks. Insulin goods may have strict return and refund procedures. Additionally see our Facebook posts.

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