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blood and sugar

What exactly is high blood sugar?

Glucose in the Blood High glucose levels are definitely linked to diabetes, which can cause major issues with your eyes, heart, and other body parts. Higher levels of glucose in the blood is inflammation markers which can lead to these problems. The pancreas in our bodies makes insulin, a hormone that controls the amount of […]

Humulin N Vials 100 Units/mL

What is the significance of intermediate-acting insulin?

Significance of Intermediate-Acting Insulin The treatment of Type 1 diabetes has evolved substantially in recent years. Significance of intermediate-acting insulin is to increase the ability to maintain near-normal glycemia by controlling parameters such as onset, peak, and duration of action. Lispro, a rapid-acting insulin, is an excellent lunchtime insulin. Intermediate- and long-acting insulins keep insulin […]

Diabetic Guide to Everything Insulin

What is Insulin: Appreciating the Diabetes Hormone Fundamentals

What is insulin, and How does it Work? What is Insulin? Insulin is a hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar levels in the body. It is produced in the pancreas and released into the bloodstream to aid glucose (or blood sugar) in entering the cells to generate energy. A rise in blood sugar levels triggers […]

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